• Panther Tanning Ledge
  • Panther Tanning Ledge
  • Panther Tanning Ledge

Panther Tanning Ledge: Aqua Evolution

Our composite tanning ledges for residential and commercial use


Tanning ledge designed by evolution

Panther Tanning Ledge is what everyone is looking for. Bring more entertainment to your life with our stand along functional ledge designs.

Panther Tanning Ledge models offer very simple and modern architectural designs. Every Tanning Ledge model has well-defined look and in conjunction with very attractive warranty Panther Tanning Ledges are simply the best product on the US market. Our definitive Tanning Ledge designs will simply transform your indoor or outdoor relaxation area.

Panther Spas come with a multitude of features and offer fully customizable functionality to accommodate even the most sophisticated demands: color, underwater lights, therapy jets, intensity and power, tiles and more.