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Panther Pool - Not just a swimming pool

One piece composite fiberglass pool for residential and commercial use


Swimming Pool designed just for you

Panther Pool will bring the joy to your life. We will make your dreams come true with our unique and functional pool designs.

Panther Pools is a manufacturer of one piece composite pools and spa, commonly known as fiberglass pools. The newest composite technologies implemented into the construction along with Carbon Fiber Infusion makes Panther Pools the strongest and most innovative pools in the industry. Our pools are custom tailored to almost every requirement from our customers and best shown in the following lines, use types and build assortments.

By selecting from a wide variety of designs, sizes, use types one can custom-build the luxury addition to any backyard. Some of the Panther Pools are built with safety ledges inside the pool to increase the safety. Most Panther Pools are also equipped with luxury sitting benches or dedicated-therapy sitting areas.

Every Panther Pool can be custom-built to accommodate the project location's requirements such as ocean proximity, mountain's areas, sandy grounds, partially above ground installations and many more. Each pool model can be adjusted for the specifically desired use.

Panther Pool can be designed to be either a sports pool for extensive swimming exercises and sport's activities, a therapy pool for health rehabilitation purposes, a soaking bath to create the luxury getaway with mineral rich warm air-bubbled oxygenized water, or a modular pools to combine the regular pool activities with spillover air-bubbled spa therapies or stand along romantic aromatherapy bath.