• Panther Pools : Geometrical Infinity Style 1637/8

    Infinity Style 1637/8

    dimension: 16' wide x 37' long
    depth: gradual slope from 3'-4" to 8'

Geometrical : Infinity Style 1637/8 Pool

Panther Pools as the North American leading manufacturer makes best quality pools with most affordable prices.

Geometrical Infinity Style 1637/8 swimming pool is a large size figure-8 shape pool.

This model offers the natural inviting look and modern pool features: Three step systems, four relaxation zones positioned at the shallow and deep ends. This pool model offers an unobstructed swimming corridor and great entertaining space for any family activities. A safety ledge delivers the extra security for your children and elderlies.


  • Length: 37' (11.2 meters)
  • Width: 16' (4.3 meters)
  • Depth: 3'-4" to 8' (1 to 2.4 meters)
  • Floor type: gradual slope bottom
  • Area:
  • Perimeter: 106' (32.3 meters)
  • Water capacity: 16,000 Gal (60,566 liters)
  • Lights: 3 lights suggested
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Color: KaleidoGlass

KaleidoGlass Finish is a surface layer that is used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of our swimming pools

KaleidoGlass Finish Gelcoat is non-porous material that laminates to resin and fiberglass permanently. KaleidoGlass? Finish Gelcoat is also the finish coat that protects the composite materials underneath.

KaleidoGlass Finish Gelcoat is a modified resins which is applied to molds in the liquid state. It is cured to form cross-linked polymers and is subsequently backed with composite polymer matrices, mixtures of polyester resin and fiberglass resin with glass.

The manufactured component, when sufficiently cured and removed from the mold, presents the gelcoated surface. This is usually pigmented to provide a colored, glossy surface which improves the aesthetic appearance of the pool.

KaleidoGlass Finish Gelcoat is designed to be durable, providing resistance to ultraviolet degradation and hydrolysis.

The KaleidoGlass Finish Gelcoat smooth surface is chemically inert and as a result, the pH balance and other chemicals remain more stable in a composite fiberglass reinforced pool. The surface allows you to use significantly fewer chemicals.

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Recommended Accessories:

Equipment pack (inclusive)

1 Skimmer, 2 Inlet jets, 2 Wall low level suctions

Stainless steel polished hand-rail

Set of 2 (two) or single handrail

Stainless steel polished ladder

5' long

Underwater lights

6 colors low voltage LED lights. 3 lights suggested

Lights remote control

100Amp exterior panel with remote control functionality

Recommended Equipment:

Circulation pump

1HP self-priming pool water circulation pump

Filtration unit

Multi-element energy efficient cartridge system

Water sanitation

High efficiency mineral purification system